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Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guide

Crafting is an intrinsic aspect of the Guild Wars 2 experience. Although it initially appears to function similarly to other MMO crafting systems, it ends up being significantly deeper and potentially more rewarding. This Guild Wars 2 Guides will instruct you on how to do crafting in Guild Wars properly.

Guild Wars 2 Crafting Is Not Difficult

There are eight crafting disciplines, many of which will prove familiar to gamers who have played other MMOs. Of these eight disciplines, only two can be active at one time. However, players who have forgone a maxed out discipline for another can easily switch back for a moderate fee. Crafting disciplines are learned from a Master Craftsman.

Everything from light to heavy armor and metal and magical weapons can be forged via crafting. Materials are earned by either felling enemies, clicking on resource nodes, purchased via vendor or salvaged from scrap. In order to salvage, players must first buy salvage kits. These kits vary in quality, with some granting players a better chance of acquiring upgrades and rare materials than others.

Crafting also allows players to produce upgrades, which can be used to bolster the stats on gear. For instance, Armorsmiths can craft powerful runes. Upgrading X amount of armor pieces with the same rune will grant players a significant stat boost. The more of the same runes equipped in different armor slots, the bigger the bonus.

The crafting system employed in Guild Wars 2 assures that reaching the highest crafting level of 400 will not be attainable until players have reached a high character level. New recipes for crafting components will only be earned every 25 levels, and although players can learn high level recipes at an early level, they won’t be able to craft them. This aspect of the game will undoubtedly encourage players to level faster.

Crafting items also grants experience points. Discovering new recipes increases the base experience earned, as does creating multiple items and critical successes. As with most facets of Guild Wars 2’s gameplay, crafting materials are tiered. There are currently six tiers for each of the main material types.

Experimenting with new combinations of recipes should prove an enjoyable experience, and one that could prove quite lucrative. Some of the best pieces of gear in Guild Wars 2 can only be forged through crafting. 


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