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How To Do Questing In Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has taken the traditional MMORPG questing system and turned it on its head. Getting your hands on a reliable Guild Wars 2 Guide can be difficult, so here is a short article on how to do questing in Guild Wars 2.

Most conventional questing mechanics rely on players speaking with an NPC, receiving a task and accomplishing said task for a reward, usually in the form of experience points and an item. For the most part, quests ask that players kill X amount of one enemy or collect Y amount of one good. Guild Wars 2 defies these stale tropes via more meaningful quests and its dynamic events system and

Traditional quests still exist in the form of story quests. These quests require players to speak with an NPC, acquire a task and complete it. However, the quests in Guild Wars 2 are more inventive than in other MMOs. Instead of merely collecting items for no apparent reason, each quest is pertinent to the progression of a player’s character. Story quests are typically instanced, meaning that players and their party members will not have to share the zone with any other players.

Events will typically happen without the player having to prompt them. An indicator will let them know that a new event is nearby. The location of the event will appear on the mini-map in orange. Players are awarded experience and rewards for participating in the event. The more they contribute, the greater the reward. Events can also be chained together. Successfully completing one event may spawn another. Depending on whether players complete of fail events, the climate of the landscape may change.

 Other quests are triggered by journeying into new zones. Upon entering, a series of tasks will be listed in the top right hand portion of a player’s screen. Participating in any of the listed objectives will partially fill the quest progress bar. When the progress bar is full, players will receive rewards in the form of experience, coin and gear. They will typically be given at least two gear options to choose from.

 The nature of questing in Guild Wars 2 marks a decisive evolution in the way players will perceive leveling. It stands to be more interesting, more dynamic and ultimately more fun. 


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